I received a short time ago an email written by a gentleman who was irate (to put it mildly) that I would use and perpetuate the word “Nazi”, in this case in the subtitle of my book, Hellstorm.  In his angry opinion, I was little better than an agent of the Jewish enemy.  Not much, but I do get a little of that, by and by.  I am accustomed to it.  When I used to speak in the South about America’s civil war, 1861-1865, I ocassionaly was corrected by those who impatiently  insisted it was not a “civil war” but rather it was The War of Northern Aggression, The War for Southern Independence, etc.  That said, here is my response to the email mentioned:
Dear —-

A word is what you make of it.  I grew up with the word “Nazi”, as I did the words “Civil War” and to this very day all those words remain neutrals–neither good or bad words, just quick and easy words that enable me to cut to the chase.  Nazi is two syllables and easier to use than National Socialist Democratic Workers Party, which is 14 syllables (the same goes for “civil war” as opposed to The War of Northern Aggression”–3 sylabells versus 8).  Nazi is a zippy little word instantly recognized by everyone on earth as World War II Germany and Germans. The word says what I want to say, and quickly.  If you have a problem with the word, and since the word is not going away, I suggest you avoid the word.  Better yet, I hope you come to terms with the word, work on it, then accept it and use it at every opportunity in a positive way.  Instead of spending time and energy denying or defending against the word, as our enemy hopes you will do, embrace the word.  Be proud of it and the great accomplishments that came with it.  Turn what was intended as a negative, as you believe, into a positive.  And by the way, I do not care a fig as to who supposedly “invented” the word or what their motives were.  FYI, I have found numerous usage of the word during the war, written or uttered by Germans.  Apparently, unlike yourself, these people had no problem whatsoever using the word or calling themselves, their neighbors or their leaders, Nazis.

As I say, a word is what you make of it.  If you want it to be a curse word, it will be.  If you want it to be a source of pride, strength and inspiration, it will be.  Let me remind you that the British Red Coats in 1776 called the American Patriots “Yankees” in a derisive, derogatory way.  What did our ancestors do?  Instead of wasting their time and energy denying the word or trying to escape it, as you do, they accepted it, then embraced it.  We now have the New York Yankees, “Yankee Doodle,” and countless other expressions of a proud “Yankeedom.”  During our civil war, these same Yankees a generation later tried to humiliate and belittle the Confederacy and its people by calling them “Rebels.”  What did the South do?  Since they had much bigger fish to fry, like fighting for their freedom, independence and nation-building, rather than waste time and energy denying or defending against the word, they simply accepted and adopted the tag and thus became proud to be called Rebels.

My friend, I hope you can do the same.  Our people need to spend their every waking moment fighting a merciless enemy that wants to destroy us utterly, and not arguing and wasting our time stressing over the word “Nazi” or defending some crazy flat earth theory or obsessing over whether the moon landings were fake or not.  Even if you successfully stamp out the word “Nazi” from the human vocabulary, even if you prove the earth really is flat or that the moon landings were bogus, so what?  Will your efforts save even one white woman in South Africa from being raped by black savages?  Will your life-time of expended energy have stopped one dark “migrant” from invading Europe or America? In this, the darkest hour of our existence, such stress over semantics is a foolish and fatal bit of nonsense and a hobby we cannot afford.

The time for stressing about words is over.  Back in the bad old days Jews could stop in their tracks our patriotic parents and grandparents simply by calling them a “Nazi”, or an anti-semite, or a racist.  If you choose to live in the bad old days, then do.  But do not be bothering me with your fixation.  Neither I or any other serious White Nationalist will not, and can not, be stopped by someone calling us names.  Let the Jewish enemy and their Antifa disease call us racists, bigots, fags, ass-holes, mother-fuckers, pedophiles, or any other name they can come up with.  It will not slow either myself, or any other true comrade even for one second.

All the best to you,


Naturally, the response was to reiterate that I was at best a hopeless, misguided agent working for the other side and that I should just go kill myself.  I normally do not respond to unstable idiots like this but thought I might this time just to have something to post here.  Excuse the vent.