Update: Book Progress

First, I want to announce that I have for the most part finished the first draft of my next book, Summer, 1945.  As you may remember, this is the follow-up book to Hellstorm.  There is yet more research needed to fill in the story, but overall the rough draft is complete.  Since I’m trying to tell the story–a dual story, if you will–of what befell Germany and Japan in the Summer of 1945, it presents some difficulties that I have not faced in the past.  But the book is moving forward.

When I finish the next phase, the second draft, I will share that with you too.  After the second draft, a book gets easier for me and the time until publication becomes short.  My goal is still Christmas.

In case you’re wondering, that’s me in the photo.  No doubt where I’m at and no doubt what I’m doing.  I’m down at a photo studio near the old Missouri farm and I am reaching for my Grandmother to “please get me off this thing.”  Thank God for Grandmas.  If not for her in the first five years of my life I would have been in an orphanage, or worse.  She loved me more than any thing on earth.  And to this very day I still love her more than anyone else in my life.  For better or worse, I am what I am because of my Grandma.  She was there when I needed her most; when I had no one.

At this point I must also thank each and everyone of you who, like my Grandma, stepped up when I needed a hand and made this next book more and more likely.  Your kind generosity was the difference in the first draft and I am sure it will be the difference in the second draft.

As I mentioned earlier, a book of this nature is expensive to research and write. Since I am working full-time on the book, there is very little extra income available . . . and like everyone else, I have bills that must be paid.

And so, to those of you who like your history honest and accurate, I ask again that you give what you can.  To those of you who donate $50 or more, I will, upon publication, send a signed copy of the book.  Additionally, in the event a film is made based on the book–and it now looks very likely that indeed one will be–I will also see that you receive the DVD.

For those of you who can contribute via paypal, my ID is mtgoodrich@aol.com.

And once again, from me to you, thanks for Grandmas . . . and thanks for you, my Friends!