This time last year a Swedish woman, one Ann-Britt Axelsdotter, approached me via email about translating my book, Hellstorm, into Swedish. We talked about the book, agreed on the terms, and thereupon the woman began the translation.  Apparently all was going well, or so I thought, when suddenly this past spring I heard nothing from the woman for months.  Since she had mentioned that she was almost finished and wanted to pass the translation on to a friend as an extra set of eyes, I thought little of the time lapse.  In fact, I had already designed the cover for the Swedish translation (above) while waiting for the woman to send me the manuscript.Thus, one might well imagine my shock to learn that not only did this woman (right) translate the book, but she also stole the book and published it as her own.  I learned of this several weeks ago when I saw her website advertising “her” book for sale.  Fact is, Sweden is not a large market for books.  And fact is, my hope to publish this book in Swedish was never about making money.  It was about freeing the Swedish spirit that is today imprisoned by its worst enemies–the liberal elite clique than seemingly runs things in Stockholm but who are in fact themselves run by their Jewish masters who want to flood Sweden with Third World trash.  Hellstorm was to be the first historical book to open Swedish eyes to historical and racial reality.  As many readers of Hellstorm have said, they now not only view World War Two differently, but they view the world itself differently.  Clearly, Sweden must soon begin to “view the world differently” if it hopes to survive.

The good news is: I hope very soon to have the actual bona fide and legitimate translation available to Swedes in short order.  Those who wish will be able to access the book for free: those who prefer a paperback copy of the book will also have that option, and all in Swedish.  The bad news is that although I want to put Ann-Britt Axelsdotter in prison for the theft of my book–and for the clear Violation of International Copyright Law–but I lack the funds to do so now.  The fact is: This woman is not only a thief and a liar, but she is also working for the other side.  No comrade on our side would do to another comrade what she did to me and still call themselves one of us.  It’s that simple.

Thus, if any of my great friends can help me pursue this crime–this outright theft of a book that took me fifteen years to write and promote–either legally or financially, then they will indeed be friends I can, and will always, call “Great!”

For those of you who can contribute via paypal, my ID is: