One For the Road

After nearly a year abroad I am back straddling the States. How long I will remain here I cannot say–maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe the rest of my life. And this works for me. Three score and ten have taught me that if one views their future with flexibility fate will always be fair. Such is my NorthStar in life.

Upon completion of my last book, Summer, 1945–Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate, of which many of you had a great and generous hand in creating, I had no plans to continue writing. My original post-author ambition was to get involved in communications and film-making with several friends. All that is still in my future, I think, I hope. But now comes that flexibility aspect of my life.

Late this Spring I was contacted by several Euro comrades whose opinions I value greatly. These men and women asked me to consider writing just one more book. My friends reasoned that Hellstorm and Summer, 1945, were books that have had a profound influence on all who read them and will continue to do so for years to come. These folks also noted that the two books cited were the legitimate lead-ups to this one final book they had in mind. Unlike the previous works which were devoted to an honest, accurate retelling of our past history during World War Two, this last book should be a look at our present and future history, in this case the murderous non-stop wars the US Government is currently engaged in that benefits Israel and only Israel.

After some lengthy and serious thought, I agreed with these friends that this book should, and must, be written. As grueling as research and writing can be, I felt, like my friends, that this next effort was sorely needed in the world.

The subject of this final book concerns the roles of Israel and its slavish client state, the US; about how their vicious, cold-blooded massacre of the entire Middle-East has forced the world into a state of prolonged pain and agony; about how this ceaseless slaughter has placed all of us on the precipice of earth-ending nuclear war.

America. Our America. What this once free and universally esteemed nation has now become is a savage, blood-soaked monster unrecognizable. The USA is now simply a cruel, corrupt, criminal, and deeply hated proxy state of Israel. What the US is currently doing now at the behest of Jewish interests can only be expected when a government ignores the needs and interests of its own people and allows its foreign and domestic policy to be utterly usurped by another nation, in this case, to be usurped by its worst possible enemy, Israel. Over the past 70 years–from World War Two to 9/11–Israel has proven time and again just how deep its contempt and hatred is for we Americans and for we whites around the globe.

My great hope is that this book will have a ground-breaking role in not only ending war in the Middle-East, but of casting out the murderous Israeli lobby from America and handing back control of our government to we, the American tax-payers. Once this is accomplished, once we become the world’s friend again and not its enemy, preventing what increasingly looks like World War III will be a relatively easy matter.

I realize how grandiose such a goal may seem. At this moment it may even seem impossible. But such is my ambition, and such is my determination, and such is the importance of the project, that I simply refuse to allow words like “impossible” to enter my vocabulary. My “impossible” goal with Hellstorm and Summer, 1945, was to flip WWII on its head; to replace seventy years of lies, deceit and treachery with truth, honesty and honor and thereby give to the world a new and vastly more valid history of that terrible Jewish instigated war. Those who have read the books believe that this goal was reached. My next “impossible” goal with this coming book is to stay on the track of these international serial killers until the day I drop dead, or the day they surrender, whichever comes first.

Many of the comments I have received from those who have finished Hellstorm and Summer, 1945 mention that the books have not only forever changed the way they view WWII, but the books have changed the way they view the world itself; that the books are “life-altering”; that there was the reader before the books, and there is now the reader after the books. This, I predict, will be the same reaction of those who read this new book. As always, the book will be graphic, to the point, and will mince no words. For the first time in nearly two decades, most of the dark secrets surrounding the Middle-Eastern bloodbath will finally be available to the world. What is being done in the Middle-East today, from Afghanistan and Syria to Palestine and Libya are crimes so vast and enormous that they quite literally stagger the senses in their shameless evil.

Much of my ensuing research for this new book–tentatively entitled, Israel’s Assassins–America and the Middle-East Massacre, 2001-2020–will fortunately occur right here on the internet. Of necessity, however, much investigation will also take place on site in the Middle-East itself where the crimes are being committed and where numerous interviews are planned with the victims themselves. As luck would have it, I have some very good connections in that region which will aid the process. Unfortunately, as an independent, non-academic historian I will need to shift mostly for myself. What historians like myself lack in funding, however, we more than make up for in friends. And that’s where you, the quiet warrior, the dedicated financial activist, comes in. For our cause, I am more than willing to risk my head on the chopping block with each politically incorrect book written . . . but I do need your support.

And so, to those of you who like your history fast, fearless, and above all, honest, I ask that you give what you can.

To those of you who donate $50 or more, I will, upon publication, send a signed copy of the book. Additionally, in the event a film is made based on the book, those of you who give $100 or more, I will also see that you receive the DVD.

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On behalf of history, honest history . . . thanks to everyone!