Long Live!

A few quick off-the-tops this early morning after bolting from bed and downing my first cup of java….

Like many another White Nationalist, I see nothing but victory after victory in the year ahead.  Our momentum is simply too massive to slow, much less stop.  Our Jewish enemy has made some egregious mistakes in the near past and that will continue into the year ahead.  And even when these surprisingly stupid creatures score some success, as per the stalemate over the border wall, even this is a huge victory for our side since millions of white Americans now clearly see the grand design behind this inaction is nothing less than the flooding of our nation with black and brown garbage from Third World pest holes.  And thus, our numbers and power grow mightily.  Far more important than mere numbers, however, is the quality of people crossing that imaginary line to our side.  These white men and women are not only our best and brightest, they are also our angriest and most determined.  

Below are just a few of the many reasons for my optimistic elation this morning regarding the year 2019.

Long Live…The Yellow Vests!  Our brothers and sisters in France, as of yore, have reached critical mass and are now raising the flag of revolution.  The anger goes much, much deeper than economic issues and disgust with hyper-taxation, as the world Jewish media would have us believe.  At its core is the clear cut conviction among the French people that the Jewish kleptocracy that orchestrate the nightmare in most of Europe ultimately want the extermination of every last white person on earth.  This, of course, is true and has been true since at least the end of World War II.  If the NWO, NATO and EU can manage to survive this summer, they will not survive the next.

Long Live…the US Government Shutdown!  Let this continue until there is…no more money to pay for war, welfare, domestic spying, and no more  money to pay the corrupt federal government which funds such criminal activity.  And no more money for the CIA, FBI, IRS, and other Deep State cockroaches working tirelessly for the State of Israel and working tirelessly against we white Americans.  May the evil government which works feverishly everyday against the will and wants of we whites NEVER open its doors again.

Long Live….PewDePie!  The Godzilla of all cage rattlers…..the ten-ton loose cannon on the deck…the 500-pound gorilla in the room…this Swedish you tube sensation is scaring the shit out of the entire establishment.  With 80 million subscribers he, with his crazed, cracked ,outrageous, and hilarious bits of truth, reaches far more hearts and minds than the fake news media with its lies, propaganda and deceptions.  And make no mistake, this young white man (above) is on our side.  Despite dutiful mea culpas and semi-apologies when demanded of him by the powers-that-be, back he comes with another round of edgy obviousness.  You don’t really have to totally understand it to love it.  Whatever my enemy hates and fears, I love and welcome.

Long Live…Jewish Hate and Incompetence!  Israel gunning down Gazan children every weekend for sport, and all the world can see….Israel committing the false flags of 9/11, Syrian “gas attacks”, Iran and Russia “did its”…. Israel creating and backing ISIS…Israel criminally attacking Syria whenever they please…Jewish ad agencies putting one race-mixing commercial after another on American TV…Jews pressuring all white nations to open their borders to the savage primitives of the world while Israel sits safe and secure behind its own wall.  With a bit more subtlety and a lot less open hatred, Jews might have kept most of we whites asleep for another hundred years or so, but no, their over-riding hatred of whites got the better of them and they could not resist this recent all-out assault.  With masks removed we now see them for what they are.  In a way, I pity these impatient people.  Certainly they now realize their mistake.  Their almost unbelievable hatred of whites has roused from sleep those of us who now see only two options: 1) do nothing, and die or 2) fight, and live.  The awakening of whites we see today is nothing compared to the critical mass ahead in 2019.

Long Live…Death!  Chuck Schumer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, George Soros, Ilya Ehrenburg, Tim Wise,  Barbara Spectre, George Ciccariello-Maher (“All I want for Christmas is White Genocide…”) and a million more Jews who never met a white person they would not kill on the spot if they could…..to these individuals, both the dead and the dying, I say “good riddance and thank god for death!”

Long Live….Life!  Long live Greg Johnson, Dennis Fetcho, Paul English, Kyle Hunt, John Mark, Kevin McDonald, Patrick Little, Vincent James, Henrik Palmgren, JF, Mark Collett, Richard Spencer, David Duke, Jim Goad, Jason Kohne, Mark Dice, Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, Brian Ruhe, Deanna Spingola, RamzPaul, Jared Taylor, John Kaminski, Stefan Molyneux, Jake Lloyd, Tom Kawczynski, and many, many more too numerous to name….To these 24/7/365 White Nationalists who are turning the tide dramatically in our direction and who are determined to make 2019 the year of Victory, I say “Long Live….and Live Long!”