Cyber War 7

Black-white-wallpaper-backgrounds-desktop-wallpapersAnyone who has posted a political thought on a message board recently soon becomes aware that a raging cyber war is being waged for the hearts and minds of we suckers out there. If the subject of a post touches upon race, or Jews, or Israel, or whether we need to fill more American body bags simply to make the world a bit safer for God’s Chosen Murderers in the Middle East, very quickly one realizes that there is a concerted effort to attack everyone and anyone who does not toe the Jewish party line on this board or that board.

Much/Most of this orchestrated pro-Israel activity comes from an entity known as “Hasbara.” This Jewish organization, nominally funded by Israel, but fully funded, in fact, by—who else?—yes, that’s right, Uncle Stupid and his slaves slaving in the tax mines—is an unabashed attempt to flood message boards with hundreds of pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish comments and thus kill all debate. Because so many of these hired haters speak and write passable English, the hope is to create the illusion of an American consensus for whatever anti-peace, pro-war policy Israel is backing that particular day. Recently, the Jewish cyber focus was on Russia and Vlad Putin and Israel’s attempt to stoke a war between the US and Russia (Jews have never forgiven Putin—the “new Hitler”—and Russia—the new “Third Reich”—for putting the kibosh on their murderous plans for Syria and Iran a few years back after the CIA/Mossad manufactured a breathless report stating that Assad was gassing his own people).

These hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of Jewish “cyber warriors” are always very careful to never identify themselves as Israelis or American Jews.  Instead, they write and even imply that they are just your average Joe Six-Pack Republican from Indiana or Ohio who is a Red, White & Blue through & through American who is just tickled silly to fight and die in the non-stop Middle Eastern wars fought for Greater Israel and who thinks that our trillions of dollars to Israel is money well spent.

If one is unfamiliar with the Hasbara folks, there are some quick rules of thumb on how to identify them: A) Since they are apparently being paid by the number of comments they post and because they are thus always running from message board to message board, generally they post only a line or two, and never anything in depth. B) Because they are in such a rush there is no room for serious debate on a subject.  C) Because of A) and B) a Hasbara’s comments usually devolve down to slurs, insults, name-calling, and, in keeping with the Jewish character and its fixation on matters carnal, some slinging of psycho-sexual imagery, i.e., very vile, very filthy shit about incest, bestiality, masturbation, goat-fucking, etc.

Odds are, if you encounter any of the above, or if you run into any anti-white, anti-gun, pro-minority, pro-“migrant” comments on the boards, then these are clear indications that Jewish cyber termites are hard at work.  Become a “Hasbara Hunter.”  Unlike their opponents, Hasbara Hunters—known among the select as “88’s”—do not get paid a dime for their efforts but they have a pretty big gun in their arsenal—-the Hasbara Jew calls it “hate”. . . “racism”. . . “bigotry”. . . and “anti-semitism”. . . . Whites call it “Truth.”

Any way, since at heart I am a collector—I have collected stamps, I have collected Olympic stick pins, I have collected odd or shocking surnames—I have amassed a number of comments on message boards that our fellow Truthers have fired off in their fight with these Hasbara trolls. Below, pretty much as they appeared, you will find a few of these comments.  Some are quite hilarious.  Some are spot on.  All are angry.  By the way, please feel free to cut and paste any of these and then next time you see someone arguing for World War Three with Russia, or next time you read that someone thinks the US should nuke Iran, or next time someone argues that Israel is Uncle Stupid’s only real ally in the Middle East, then you are armed to respond.


Hasbara haters on here hatin’ on Muslims.
Hasbara haters on here hatin’ on Putin.
Hasbara haters on here hatin’ on the Confederate flag.
Hasbara haters on here hatin’ on whites who don’t want illegal muds.
Hasbara haters on here doin’ what they do best……..hatin’.

Google Hasbara. See who these Jewish haters are. It will say they are paid by Israel but that’s just Jewspeak for “American taxpayer.”


To you Israeli trolls, federal employees, and others on here with agendas who say Snowden  and Brad Manning are traitors who committed crimes, i ask……. crime?  If any one of you had been murdered by a thug, wouldn’t you and your relatives rest easier if a witness came forth to finger the killer?  Here we go folks with the disinformation and federal damage control via its accomplice in crime, the Jewish MSM…….. As anyone with eyes can see from “writer” above and other hit pieces, this evil abomination known as the federal government is hard at work right now trying to dig up, invent, or create sewage to throw at young Snowden and Manning to diminish or distract from their own evil. Right now on this board, I see the mark of Jewish damage control at work, both in Israel and the U.S.  These people want to preserve the current, corrupt and criminal status quo in the federal government because they are the ones who installed the current, corrupt and criminal status quo to begin with. Kill the messenger, kill the message, kill the hope. That’s the math. Nice.


Anti-white, anti-south, anti-gun jews out in full force on this board today. Good. If these hate-filled creatures are on here typing away that means they are not outside killing women and kids in Gaza, or stealing land in the West Bank, or making more porn in LA, or spying on us at NSA, or staging more false flag events to suck Americans into new wars, or writing more sob stories about poor mexican and african “migrants”, or…….well, let’s be glad they are on here and not off somewhere else hating and spewing their poison.


Reading about this race-mixing loon in Seattle reminds me of that famous photo of the bent and twisted fork laying beside the straight and functional forks (right).  If people want to say and do crazy stuff like this sicko, that’s their biz. But don’t be folding your arms and demand that i accept it.  Elizabeth Warren, the senator from Massachusetts, is running for US president. Altho this blond, blue-eyed and very fair-skinned woman would easily pass for someone from northern Norway, she claims she is ‘Native American.’  Just like the loon above, if Ms. Warren wants to pretend she is an Indian princess, okay, go for it………but don’t expect me to go along with your sickness and don’t expect me or anyone else to vote your mental illness into the WH.


americans, check out tthe anti-russian hate on here today and every day.  who do you think are those who hate russia, hate putin, and who are trying to stoke WW3?  ask yourself, do you know any americans who hate russians and who just can’t wait for WW3 with russia?  no, and neither do i. 99% of the anti-russian, anti-putin, pro-war hate on here issues from jews, specifically, from the hired hairballs known as hasbara ‘cyber warriors.’  these hired creatures are jews from around the world, but especially in israel, who flood this and other message boards and try to create the illusion of an american consensus favoring war……war with syria…..war with iran…..war with russia……war with any and every one who does not obey Israel’s commands. notice the continual sniping and hate directed at russia and putin; the jewish job is to convince we americans that war is just what the doctor ordered and bombing and killing israel’s enemies is somehow in america’s best interests.  google ‘hasbara’ and see for yourself.


Most of the anti-gun comments on here come not from white Americans but from the hasbara trolls, i.e., paid Jewish “cyber warriors” whose job is to create the illusion of an anti-gun consensus among Americans. It’s just fine that their brothers in Israel are armed to the teeth, but we white Americans should be disarmed to make us more manageable, or, IOW, more dead.

Got newz, Jewz……Most white Americans want no part of your latest gun-grab plan.  Most white Americans know what happens if you ever did get control of our weapons.  When your brothers, the Jewish Bolsheviks, got control of Russia in 1917 and confiscated the guns, we know what happened.  Forty million dead White Russians later…..

Listen to me, you Jewish blood-suckers: Never!  NEVER!

Americans, Canadians, google “hasbara” and see for yourself.


“The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights nonprofit group, has called Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.”

Ha! And just who is this high minded moral authority known as the SPLC? This little nest of Jews at the SPLC in Alabama form probably the greatest hate-filled hate group in America. For these hate-mongers to call any white person—even Fred Phelps—a hater is over-the-top Orwellian. It has been said that the father of one of the head Jews there was a mass murderer and notorious torturer of German and Polish women and children after WW2. And clearly, the poisonous fruit did not fall from the tree. Quite a hairy zoo at the SPLC….quite a hate fest going on there. When will one of the cowardly politicos in Alabama call for an investigation of this evil nest of Jews?

And BTW—-Thank God Almighty for Fred Phelps, and anyone else who sez things that most might find abhorrent or weird or “different.” That’s what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote that into the Constitution—-not that people might mumble and bleat that which is standard and something everyone agrees upon but that free people could say what they want, what they feel, what they think. As long as Fred Phelps can say anything he wants it is a daily reminder that the rest of us can say whatever we want. It is called Freedom of Speech. And altho the hate-filled thugs at the SPLC would love dearly to flush free speech down the toilet, it is the law of the land, thank god. Let me encourage everyone to speak freely! It is your birthright! Use it or lose it!