Why the Alt-Right should link arms with NFL athletes


by Taylor McClain

As a member of the Alternative Right movement, I support the NFL athletes who have linked arms and taken a knee for…what was it again? Police brutality? An unfair judicial system? An insufficient number of black players in the NFL?

Does it matter?

All of us in the Alt-Right should support the NFL players free speech displays. Here is why.

Originally, for Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee was to show disdain for the men and women in blue—pigs as he had them depicted with expensive embroidery on his socks, which the San Francisco 49ers paid for, which they provided to Kaepernick because of the 49ers fans who showered Jed York, the 49ers owner, with enough largess that the team total salaries was $127 million. Kaepernick himself accounted for $16 million of that total.

But now, the protests have taken on a bigger and murkier posturing—something about “justice” or “injustice.” I guess that’s “justice for all” or “injustice for fewer.” Kaepernick should know something about injustice—just look at what he has endured all his life in the most racist country on earth.

He was the unwanted progeny of a nineteen-year-old white mother and some random black sperm donor. The sperm recipient did the “right” thing, however, and instead of him being tossed into a red plastic trash bag and discarded in a dumpster in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Kaepernick was adopted by a white married couple who provided him with nurturing, good food, and playtime activities, all of which led to his enrolling at the University of Nevada (the only college that offered him a football scholarship), which led to him signing a multi-million dollar contract with the 49ers.

He was a second string QB for the 49ers, until a concussion sidelined the starter, and Colin got the starting job in 2012. He took the team to the Super Bowl that year (they lost) but then missed the playoffs three consecutive seasons. Despite his mediocre record, in 2014 the 49ers gave him a seven-year contract worth a record $126 million. But by the end of the 2016 season and a bottom finishing 2 wins, 14 losses, the 49ers decided to fire him.

Oddly, Colin never demonstrated any political awareness or social consciousness until he opted out of his 49ers contract to become a free agent. So, Colin, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last, was free to show the world the piggishness of cops—by not standing for the playing of the National Anthem, and wearing socks with little piggy’s heads on them.

Oh, the bravery of that poor man!

The fans were, however, as racist as ever and voiced their collective displeasure by—ignoring him. That is, until the Donald took notice of Colin’s protests and said he should be fired, which he already was, but not for racist reasons.

Since the Donald is well known for being a racist, the media took notice and began collectively tooting their leftist horn that the Donald was picking on the poor black kid who was only exercising his free speech right. And, besides, everyone knows that the cops are shooting down unarmed black kids like they were those little white duck’s on the treadmill at a shooting gallery.

The Alt-Right got over their love affair with the Donald since the time, shortly after taking office, that he solicited foreign policy advice from his daughter (“look at those poor dead babies!”) and dropped a bunker buster on Syria. But one has to admit that he has served a purpose that no one else who might have occupied the oval offices could ever do. His constant tweets drive the culture Marxists and SJWs insane! It reminds me of the movie Caddyshack where the groundhog pops his head up from his hole to survey the golfers so that he can continue to wreak havoc. Only in the non-movie, it is the Donald who wreaks havoc. The liberal loonies just can’t resist his dog whistle and they reveal themselves by coming up from under their rock to attack him.

And that is how we get to know who they are—they just can’t help themselves, salivating and eyeballs popping, they put themselves on display to all the world. Whether it’s Kathy Griffin’s career ending head-holding stunt, or Meryl Streep’s holier-than-thou, looking-down-her-nose through her pince-nez eyeglasses at the ordinaries, their behavior is on display for all of us to marvel at.

So it is with the NFL, when the players, black and white, and the owners and coaches, link arms in a display of solidarity, kneeling for—what was it again?—oh yeah, justice, during the playing of the National Anthem, in a stadium paid for by the taxpayers and fans who just want to watch a damn football game and not be confronted one more time about how racist they are.

More than any peaceful march, or a protest against statue removal, or a nighttime tiki-torch parade, or running from SJWs spraying us with Bear Mace or improvised flamethrowers, it is the NFL players taking a knee that has caused the scales to fall from the eyes of the Joe Six-Packs and Sally Soccer-Moms of this country.

They sit in front of their flat screen TVs beaming the $200 dollar a month satellite dish sports package that they can only afford because they both work at jobs they probably hate, and watch with amazement, that someone making $10 million a year for throwing a ball around for an hour a week, wants to lecture them about the unfairness of life and scold them about their “white privilege.”

It is these people that the Alt-Right leadership could most likely never reach, never convince that we are not racist, not white “supremacist,” and that we really do have their best interest in our hearts and minds.

But the NFL has done our job for us.

And that is just the average fan sitting in front of their TV watching prima donna, pampered, over-paid, steroid-bloated, Peter Pans displaying their addle-brained whining over a matter that most of them have never experienced—a hard-knock life.

And as for the fan who wants to attend a game in person, perhaps with his child, or the whole family, what has that fan contributed to the Bread and Circus spectacle of these modern day gladiators?

The average ticket price—one ticket—is over $100; a hotdog $5; a beer $9; a soda $5, parking $45. This year CNBC calculated the average costs for two people to attend a NFL game and it was almost $300. If a family of four people wants to see a game live, then they should expect to cough up $1,200—for one game!

But that’s only the direct costs of a fan going to a game. The fact is that owning an NFL team is better than owning a diamond mine in South Africa. Last year the NFL owners raked in $14 billion in revenue, but the best part is that the taxpayers subsidized the owners by waiving their property taxes, deferring income taxes, etc. to the tune of over $3 billion since the year 2000. And the taxpayer’s largess is based on spurious claims by the NFL that building a new stadium or bringing a team to a community will reap enormous rewards in terms of jobs, sales tax revenue, etc. But the latest research shows that most cities and counties gain no benefit from having an NFL franchise—none.

So when Kaepernick or Jerry Jones, or any player or owner takes a knee on Sunday afternoon, the Joe Six-Packs and Sally Soccer-Moms should see it for what it really signals—a kick to their groin.