Cyber War 13 (Donald Trump Edition)

background-backgrounds-eyes-black-images-green56Anyone who has posted a political thought on a message board recently soon becomes aware that a raging cyber war is being waged for the hearts and minds of we whites. If the subject of a post touches upon race, or Jews, or Israel, or whether we need to fill more American body bags simply to make the world a bit safer for God’s Chosen Murderers in the Middle East, very quickly one realizes that there is a concerted effort to attack everyone and anyone who does not toe the Jewish party line on this board or that board.

Much/Most of this orchestrated pro-Israel activity comes from an entity known as “Hasbara.” This Jewish organization, nominally funded by Israel, but fully funded, in fact, by—who else?—yes, that’s right, Uncle Stupid and his slaves slaving in the tax mines—is an unabashed attempt to flood message boards with hundreds of pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish comments and thus kill all debate. Because so many of these hired haters speak and write passable English, the hope is to create the illusion of an American consensus for whatever anti-peace, pro-war policy Israel is backing that particular day. Recently, the Jewish cyber focus has been on Russia and Vlad Putin and Israel’s attempt to stoke a war between the US and Russia (Jews have never forgiven Putin—the “new Hitler”—and Russia—the new “Third Reich”—for putting the kibosh on their murderous plans for Syria and Iran a few years back after the CIA/Mossad manufactured a breathless report stating that Assad was gassing his own people).

These hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of Jewish “cyber warriors” are always very careful to never identify themselves as Israelis or American Jews. Instead, they write and even imply that they are just your average Republican from Indiana or Ohio who is Red, White & Blue Through & Through and who is just tickled silly to send their kids to fight and die in the non-stop Middle Eastern wars fought for Greater Israel and who thinks that our trillions of dollars to Israel is money well spent.

If one is unfamiliar with the Hasbara folks, there are some quick rules of thumb on how to identify them:

A) Since they are apparently being paid by the number of comments they post and because they are thus always running from message board to message board, generally they post only a line or two, and never anything in depth.

B) Because they are in such a rush there is no room for serious debate on a subject.

C) Because of A) and B) a Hasbara’s comments usually devolve down to slurs, insults, name-calling, and, in keeping with the Jewish character and its fixation on bodily functions and matters carnal, some slinging of psycho-sexual imagery, i.e., very vile, very filthy shit about incest, bestiality, masturbation, goat-fucking, etc.

D) Pretty much any and all references to “Hitler” and the “Third Reich” are clear indications that a Jew troll is on the other end.  Apparently these people cannot resist the temptation to use these words even though they prove to be dead give-aways.

Odds are, if you encounter any of the above, or if you run into any anti-white, anti-gun, pro-minority, pro-“migrant” comments on the boards, then these are clear indications that Jewish cyber termites are hard at work.  Become a “Hasbara Hunter.”  Unlike their opponents, Hasbara Hunters—known among the select as “88’s”—do not get paid a dime for their efforts but they have a pretty big gun in their arsenal—-the Hasbara Jew calls it “hate”. . . “racism”. . . “bigotry”. . . and “anti-semitism”. . . . Whites call it “Truth.”

Any way, since at heart I am a collector—I have collected stamps, I have collected Olympic stick pins, I have collected odd or shocking surnames—I have amassed a number of comments on message boards that our fellow Truthers have fired off in their fight with these Hasbara trolls. Below, pretty much as they appeared, you will find a few of these comments.  Some are quite hilarious.  Some are spot on.  All are angry.  By the way, please feel free to cut and paste any of these and then next time you see someone arguing for World War Three with Russia, or next time you read that someone thinks the US should nuke Iran, or next time someone argues that Israel is Uncle Stupid’s only real ally in the Middle East, then you are armed for action.


(on New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Don Trump)

The corrupt Republican party hacks and their Jew operators are just sore that CC bolted and hitched his wagon to a winner. Got a flash for the corrupt NJ republicans and the Jews pulling their strings, viz., the bad old days are over. Your tactics now are a transparent joke. All of you look like idiots now trying to hijack a movement that is far beyond your criminal control.


Chris Christie is now ruined,” the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin wrote in an op-ed. “If it had not been obvious to him before this weekend, his political career is essentially over.”

Or, at least, such is the prayer of a Jewish writer in the Jewish media. Got newz, jewz: the old dayz are over. Your stranglehold on the dead-tree media is past. Alt Media is where Americans are going for the truth now, not your decades of Jewish hate propaganda. Enjoy the slide! ((smiley face))


(on Mitt Romney calling Trump a “fake”, “fraud” and “phony”)

‘Mitt the Flip’, a card-carrying cuckservative skunk, whose only political asset seems to be that he can skin his teeth ear-from-ear nonstop for 48 hours straight,  and, of course, his LOSS to Obama—one of the worst presidents ever—Mitt need not be calling ANYONE on earth a ‘phony.’ Mitt wrote the book on ‘phony.’ Mitt also wrote the book on ‘boredom.’ Mitt is about as exciting as watching glue dry.


Ah, yes, the MSM is it again…and again…and again, day and night, night and day, sunrise, sunset, dragging out old, useless-eaters like Mitt the Flip, calling Trump every name in the book, demonizing him, trying to kill him off in every manner possible, trying to deny the american voters the right to vote for change, simply because The Don is not playing by their leftist/marxist rules…….

Rule# 1 Crawl on your belly for Israel and AIPAC if you want to be American president……
Rule #2 Never question “aid” to Israel….
Rule # 3 Fight Israel’s wars……and BTW, pony up and pay for them, too.
Rule #4 Bow before the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-sexual, multi-freak Amerikan God, EQUALITY……
Rule #5 Ignore all issues important to white Americans………

As to the above rules and many more, Don Trump has told the MSM to go ‘get bent’…………and this is why they hate him so and why their attacks against him verge on pathological. for the first time ever, america is getting a very clear look at the face behind the media, its hatred, its racism, its evil, and its almost hydrophobic mad-dog rants against Trump. And we are startled, shocked, horrified, and angered. but guess what? No one really cares. and this is driving the media masters nuts.

Like the old, ugly prostitute that it is, no one is buying any longer what the MSM is selling. No matter how much hate and poison and lies they throw at Trump, nothing is working. Clearly, the days of the dead tree media (newspapers, mags, tv, radio) calling the shots are over….thank god!

Alt Media is where America now gets its truth and this explains why we are more firmly behind President Donald Trump than ever before. It’s a good time to be alive……enjoy it.


(on Don Trump, Jr., interview with James Edwards on Alt media and the Southern Poverty Law Center calling everyone within reach a “racist”, an “anti-semite”, a “bigot,” etc.)

btw, americans………………..the nest of jewish hairballs called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is perhaps the most viciously racist and anti-white hate organization in america. when it comes to jewish poison and hate, the SPLC is the Big Tuna. no wonder the jewish media loves to quote them over and over—both groups make a fine, fat living hating on whites. get your grins now and google the SPLC website; get a gander at this hairy menagerie.  what a zoo of subhumans. 


(on the Israeli report–again–that Syrian president, Assad  was gassing his own during this so-called truce….) 

Yes, the same Jewish monsters who brought us the USS Liberty, 9/11, Iraqi WMD, and ISIS now want us to swallow that big blue pill again. Folks, Israel IS the problem.


These cuckservative politcal prostitutes like Marco “El Roboto” Rubio and Ted “Sleeze” Cruz and Hillary “Thunder Thighs” Clinton somehow imagine that they can win us over with fear, hate and the venomous jewish media screaming their anti-Trump, anti-white hate day and night. Ho, ho, ha: You scum have been screwing this nation long enough. We are up to HERE with your business-as-usual wars, and debt, and illegals, and your smug PC hate.  Enjoy your retirement, you POS piles of human garbage.


anyone who gets this much hate-ink from the Marxist media gets my vote! (wish i had ten votes)

Roll, Don, Roll / 2016 & 2020


Americans….why are we not in the streets demanding that this criminal and corrupt regime in DC stop funding and protecting these head-chopping ‘moderate’ murderers in Syria? Why are we forcing Russia and Putin to do the filthy job by themselves? ‘Our’ government protects these terrorist monsters because that is what Israel tells us to do. Eff Israel. These dirty Zionist cockroaches—now busy trying to kill off Don Trump in the media and trying to deny Americans an America-First president for a change, and not an Israel-Firster, as per Hillary, Bush, Obama, etc.—never were and never will be our ‘allies.’ That’s a damned lie promoted assiduously in the Jewish media. They were behind the 9/11 horror, the lie of Iraqi WMD, and the ISIS phenomena…… and every intelligent person on earth knows it.


“Is it too late to stop Donald Trump?……Every pundit, political junkie, and professional Republican in the country has been obsessing over the same question.”

Considering the collection of Marxists, minorities and patently anti-whites in the media “obsessing” over him, it is becoming a question, not if you are against Don Trump, but are you FOR his enemies. A vote for anyone BUT Trump has now become a vote for his hate-filled anti-American enemies—the anti-white Marxists, the hateful minorities and the evil Jews in the media—NOT because Trump has made it so, but because his enemies have made it so.


(on David Duke and his reported endorsement of Trump)

Trump is not on trial here; the white-hating Jewish media is. Would the Jewish media ever ask Hill or Bern if they are Marxists? Or if they stand behind black violence and the street thugs of “Black Lives Matter”?  Would the the Jewish media EVER ask “Why are you pals with the greatest racists in America, Jesse and the Rev. Al?” Would they bother to ask Hill or Rubio “Why do you consistently place the interests of Israel over that of America?” Ha. Don’t hold your breath waiting for these questions from the Jewish media. .

The good news: Unlike never before is the ugly face of the Jewish media being revealed for all to see. This 2016 campaign and the anti-white Jewish media and its hate of Don Trump is showing America and the world just how ‘fair’ and ‘impartial’ and ‘honest’ the Jewish media in the US actually is, which is another way of saying that it isn’t ‘fair’ or ‘impartial’ or ‘honest’ at all. Unlike all the other candidates, Don Trump does not take orders from Israel, AIPAC or the Jewish media; he places the interests of we Americans above that of Israel. And this, simply,  is why the Jewish media hates the man so and why they are creating one sensational anti-Trump, anti-white headline after another.

i must admit, it is entertaining and startling to see how desperate and evil the Jewish media actually is but I, like most other intelligent Americans, now get my truth from the Alt Media.

On a side note: Whatever else Trump is or isn’t, no one will ever accuse him of being a sucker.  Jews in America better pray to God that Trump is not elected president for it is a safe bet that he will not soon forget the level of venom directed at him by these hate-filled sewer rats.  My prediction is that the ‘special relationship’ between Israel and its US satellite will not be so very “special” soon after inauguration day.


(on yet another 95-year old German prison guard hounded to trial by Jews)

This is what happens when you lose a war. The Germans lost and for 70 years now Jews can do and say whatever they want, no matter how preposterous, fanciful or lacking in evidence and/or common sense the tales are. The greatest people ever to rise on earth, the Germans, dared fight against worldwide Jewish power (aka Capitalism and Communism), and they lost. And until this very day, the Germans have been vilified, denigrated, besmirched, and there is no evil, according to Jewish ‘memory’ and doctored Jewish ‘evidence’, that Germans did not commit. That’s what happens when you lose a war to Jewish power. Clearly, at least for Germans, it’s a defeat that keeps on giving…..and giving……and giving…..until the last German—and ultimately, the last white person—is hounded from the face of the earth.


another day, another holocaust whopper. these parasites live by leeching off others. america and germany alone pay these people tribute to the tune of about $20K per anum for every man, woman and child in Israel. quite a nifty scam, yes? and they have been at for over 70 years now. talk about welfare parasites! blacks are just poor pikers compared to God’s Chosen Scam Artists.

just jews being jews. these loathsome lizards cannot let a day pass without they try to milk a few more drops from the so-called holocaust milk cow. what a parasitical people.


Note to Don Trump: When the Jewish media hates you to this degree, then you know for a fact that you are definitely doing something RIGHT!

The Donald / 2016


Jerry, you are so spot on. We can thank the hundreds of tireless, dedicated men and women in the Alternative Media. Millions of us have had our eyes opened for the first time in our lives. Now, we are pissed; now we will not be stopped!